The Ultimate Guide To Choosing An Oval-Cut Diamond



Elongated diamonds have been a revolutionary jewellery trend in the market that every jewellery store has abided by.

 Oval diamonds have been the most favoured elongated diamond shape due to their close resemblance to the most celebrated round diamonds. Moreover, its brilliance, durability, and style give it the necessary edge over other diamond shapes. 


Why Oval Cut Diamonds?

 Even though round diamonds are widely preferred by people from around the world, Oval-cut diamonds have been around for over a century. The earliest Oval diamond dates back to the 1300s, and since then has been a significant diamond cut in the history of diamonds. 

 If you prefer the rounded design but need a stone that adds character to your ring, oval diamonds would make a stunning addition to your ring settings.


What Makes Them So Popular Among The Jewellery Industry

 Their Brilliance

After round diamonds, oval diamonds offer the same brilliance and fire for a lower price which makes them a popular choice among those who are looking for a diamond that radiates immensely without burning a hole in their pockets. 

 Their Style

Oval-cut diamonds are known for the lengthening effect they add to any given piece of jewellery. They can be easily embedded in an East-West or North-South setting giving you many design options. 

 Their Length To Width Ratio  

Oval diamonds are not only unique in design but also in cut: each oval diamond has a different length to width ratio.. One can either choose a high length to width ratio for an elongated look or opt for a lower ratio if one wants their diamonds to be dominant width-wise. 

 Their Contemporary Finish 

As Oval diamonds have been around for over a century, they remain a robust part of the jewellery industry. Engagement rings featuring oval diamonds have been on demand and jewellers are strenuously trying to come up with innovative designs to please their customers. Oval diamonds are the only diamond shape that fits perfectly with modern trends while retaining the classic touch. 

 Their Versatility: 

Oval diamonds complement a variety of ring settings which makes them all the more favourable. Whether it is a solitaire ring setting or a more vintage pave engagement ring setting, an oval diamond can be effortlessly placed into any design. 


 How To Choose The Best Oval Diamond For Your Ring:

 Try Choosing The One With An Ideal Length-to-Width Ratio: 

An oval diamond with a length-to-width ratio that falls between 1.25-1.50 is considered ideal and of the best quality. Any cut that falls below 1.25 appears too round and disrupts the illusion of an oval shape. On the other hand, any cut over a ratio of 1.50 starts appearing too narrow and almost looks like a Marquise cut. If you need a perfect oval shape for your ring, you need to find a diamond with a ratio that falls between 1.40-1.50

 The Table & Depth Proportions Should Be Taken Into Account: 

Since Oval diamonds fall under the category of fancy cuts, they are not graded by GIA like the traditional round diamonds. In that case, the GIA certificate you will receive will not specify how brilliant the cut of the diamond is. To understand the quality of an oval cut diamond, and to ensure that it will offer maximum brilliance once placed in a piece of jewellery, the evaluation of the cut is important. 

 Where a well-cut diamond will offer brilliant light and fire, a poorly cut diamond will not be able to capture enough light, resulting in less brilliance and sparkle.

 According to the Accredited Gem Appraisers (AGA) the ideal table and depth proportions for an oval diamond are as follows:

Table Percentage 

  55 -60%

Total Depth Percentage 

  59 - 63%

Length To Width Ratio 

  1.33- 1.66:1

Crown Height Percentage 

  12 - 15%

Girdle Thickness 

  0.4- 4.5%


 Always Watch Out for the Bowtie Effect: 

Every elongated shape that you will ever come across will exhibit some sort of bowtie effect. The bowtie effect forms two black triangles on the sides and tips that are adjoined at the centre. 

 According to your preferences and the desired brilliance for your stone, you can choose an oval diamond exhibiting a larger or smaller bowtie effect. When choosing an oval diamond it is always best to examine it in person if the proportion of bowtie effect is one of your concerns. 

 An oval diamond with a depth of 60% or less has a prominent bowtie effect when compared to the one with a depth greater than 68%. To ensure that your diamond is still bright and brilliant after a visible bowtie effect, it is necessary to choose the one that you find appealing at first glance. 

 Once you find an Oval diamond that excels on all the aforementioned grounds, you will know that it is the diamond that you should be choosing for your ring. 

 Even though there are other prospective diamond cuts in the market, the Oval diamond happens to be a recent favourite among most couples in the market for an engagement ring. The versatility of the cut makes it a clear winner among the other common shapes. Moreover, an Oval cut diamond is one of those shapes that is imbued with a combination of classic and contemporary. 

 If you are looking for a perfect diamond, then an Oval cut diamond is the answer. At Vero Diamonds, we will make sure that you find one without any hassle. Each diamond we source is of the best quality to ensure that you get the brilliance and sparkle that you have been looking for.