Advantages of Shopping Locally for Jewellery in Ottawa

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What are the advantages to shopping local when it comes to buying fine jewellery such as diamond engagement rings in Ottawa?

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “buy local” – perhaps now more than ever, with COVID-19 taking its toll not only on those infected and their families, but the millions of people affected both directly and indirectly by the consequences of lockdowns, shutdowns and physical distancing in these times.

While the trend in merchandising may be moving rapidly towards an online / e-commerce business model, there’s still much to be said for doing business with real people in your community.

A great example of that is in the Ottawa jewellery business. When you buy an engagement ring or other item of customized fine jewellery, you’re presented with options both local and online.

Why are you better off buying customized jewellery locally?

Read on to find out – in this edition of the Vero Diamonds Ottawa Customized Fine Jewellery Blog.

Buying Diamonds or Fine Jewellery Online

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These days, there’s a definite pattern and distinct temptation to buy more and more online.

It’s "convenient" and “easy,” or so they say, sitting in the comfort and safety of one’s home and clicking away to purchase.

Some say it’s cheaper, too, though most definitely your mileage may (and will) vary depending on what you buy, from whom you purchase and how you calculate all the associated costs in both the short term and long run.

With our buying habits being trained towards the trend in e-commerce and the popularity of buying online rather than in person, however, come consequences – both to the buyer and to our communities.

The more purchases are made online from businesses that are not located in Ottawa, the more money flows out of our community.

Online retailers are also happy to take your money, but less inclined to provide good service – this is true both during the shopping process and with service & support down the road. Will they be there when you need them?

When you buy diamonds or gems online, for example, you’re losing out on many of the benefits of buying in person. You’re not seeing the diamonds or gems up close, examining the clarity, colour and cut with your own eyes.

Moreover, when buying online, you’re not working with a local gemologist, someone who’s got expertise and knowledge of diamonds and gems AND is happy to meet with you, talk about what exactly you are looking for and how he can help you find it.

Instead, you’re engaging strictly in a transaction, not forming a relationship with a jeweller who will be there for you when you want a cleaning, resetting or an upgrade – or when you’re ready for your next piece of fine jewellery.

The Advantages of Local Shopping for Fine Jewellery & Diamonds in Ottawa

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When you shop for fine jewellery and diamonds in Ottawa with a local jeweller, meanwhile, you’re getting a personalized experience.

You’re keeping your money flowing within the community, and you’re supporting local business (the “little guy”) in an era when more and more of us are getting squeezed out.

And you’re getting the individualized service and support from a local Ottawa jeweller, from whose industry experience and knowledge you’ll benefit along with attention to detail and customized results.

And yet buying jewellery locally in Ottawa, in this day and age, still raises a few questions for some people. Let’s address the big ones.

Won’t I Spend More Money Buying Locally vs. Online?

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The myth of “saving money” by buying jewellery online rather than local might have roots in reality – but has spread well beyond it.

At Vero Diamonds, we offer comparable pricing that is in line with what you’ll find online.

With that, of course, you’re getting the bonus of individual attention from someone whose name you know, whose face you recognize and who wants to get to know your needs when it comes to acquiring fine jewellery, diamonds and gems and more.

Even better, when you buy local at Vero Diamonds, you’re getting service and support from a leading gemologist that doesn’t stop when payment is made but extends well into the future. We’re here to help, whether you need a ring cleaning, a new gem setting, an inspection, an upgrade on band and/or stones, or when you’re ready to pick out that next diamond, gem or piece of fine jewellery.

Add it all up, and that online purchase isn’t really saving you money at all, is it?!

What About Convenience & Safety?

We fully appreciate the desire for jewellery shopping that is safe and convenient.

That’s why at Vero Diamonds we have customized the experience of buying fine jewellery and diamonds in Ottawa, including virtual jewellery consultations in the initial stages.

You can start the process of selecting a diamond or other gem and customizing an engagement ring or other piece of fine jewellery from the comfort and safety of your home, thanks to our virtual consultation service.

This service is at no charge to you, and you are under no obligation to make a purchase.

It’s our way of beginning the personalized jewellery buying experience and giving you the comfort, safety and privacy you deserve.

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Once you’re ready to see us in person, we’ll have a substantial selection of diamond, gem and/or jewellery samples for you to see. You’ll get to see and examine the diamonds and gems as it was meant to be – up close and personal.

And it’s all backed by our guarantee to quality and authenticity, as well as by our commitment to providing people with a superior experience of shopping for fine jewellery and diamonds in Ottawa.

Start Your Customized Ottawa Jewellery Buying Experience

Want to find out more about who we are and how we can provide a superior diamond or fine jewellery buying experience?

The best way to get started is to set up a virtual consultation. We’ll ask a few questions and get to know you and your jewellery wishes better, then we’ll get to work on making your vision for an engagement or other piece of fine jewellery into reality.

Contact us today to book your virtual consultation with Vero Diamonds in Ottawa – from the comfort, safety and convenience of your own home.