Saying ‘Yes’ to Your Bridal Jewellery

rigns on handsWhat do you think about when someone mentions bridal jewellery? Is it an engagement ring or your wedding bands, maybe anniversary gifts? Bridal jewellery encompasses all of those and often becomes one of the most important decisions for the bride and groom. So what tools do couples have to find the perfect bridal jewellery for them?

History of bridal jewellery dates to back ancient Egypt where the circle was considered a symbol of eternity and represented the perpetual love of the spouses. They also started the tradition of a ring finger as they believed that the ring finger’s vein was connected directly to the heart. The modern use of rings was then finalized with European customs as part of Christendom. 


Since bridal jewellery supposes infinity and eternity, this step can become very stressful for many people. To make this process easier, there are few options to look out for:

  • Virtual consultations. In the times of COVID-19 and “a new normal”, walking into the stores can become a challenge. But with virtual consultations, you can still get personalized advice from the comfort of your home. Virtual consultation allows you to ‘brainstorm’ your ideas with an expert before moving on to another stage. Once you are comfortable with the discussion, you can schedule a personal visit to the store. At Vero, we offer complimentary online consultation to help you get started. 
  • Customization. Bridal jewellery will be something you wear day and night and holds a very special place in your heart. Being such a unique piece, there’s no surprise the rings would need to be perfect and also represent who you are. Through customization options from professional gemologists, you can reach your dream look. They can advise on the metal, design and gemstones. If you are going for non-matching wedding bands, customization will help achieve a unified look among partners even when bands aren’t identical.

  • Vintage re-made. Instead of buying a new piece, you could also continue the family legacy and renovate one of the old jewellery pieces. Renovation is a very sustainable way to shop for new pieces while also saving some money on the gemstones. It also means you can decide on a new design and modernize it according to your taste while still preserving a piece of history. Check out here how we could help you at Vero.

hand on brideBridal jewellery is such an important part of every couple’s journey and often involves a lot of time and money. But with the customization and virtual assistance, every bride and groom can find their perfect piece. Settling for anything less isn’t an option!

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