Changes in Engagement Ring Trends Over Time

series of diamond engagement rings

Much in the same way as fashion trends come and go, the most popular types of engagement rings have changed dramatically over the last century.

However, some pieces have proven to be timeless.

If you are looking for an engagement ring in Ottawa, this article will guide you through the trends in the world of engagement rings.

A sneak preview: The trending item in engagement rings nowadays is bespoke, customized rings that reflect individual personalities and the love and desire a couple have for one another. We’ll have more about that a little later on… but first, the history of engagement ring trends in the last century.

Evolution of Engagement Ring Trends

diamond engagement ring with coloured gemstone

In the 1920s, coinciding with the height of the Art Deco period, engagement rings featuring sharp lines and geometric shapes became fashionable. While emerald-cut and Asher diamonds were especially common, more extravagant pieces were enhanced with diamond halos.

The 30s saw engagement rings featured bands shaped like ribbons or bows with single diamonds as a centerpiece. In the 1940s, however, round-cut diamonds were all the rage. Round stones rose in popularity and rose-gold and yellow-gold bands became common choices, as World War II limited access to platinum.

The next decade saw larger diamonds and stackable bands, brought into fashion by Audrey Hepburn. Her iconic engagement piece featured a trio of bands made of three different types of gold.

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The 1960s welcomed back the Art Deco and therefore, its emerald cut and Asher-cut stones. Jackie Kennedy’s engagement piece, which displayed emeralds in addition to diamonds, also made colored gemstones a more common choice.

In the 1970s, emerald-cut diamonds continued to be fashionable. In this decade, brides used to match their engagement pieces to their wedding bands, often rose and yellow gold. Nevertheless, these engagement rings are still popular today among celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, who announced her engagement to Alex Rodriguez in 2019.

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Colourful gemstones, such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies, together with diamonds, became huge in the 1980s. Although round-cut diamonds and yellow-gold bands were still a common choice, Princess Diana’s engagement piece changed the nuptials game.

The 1990s saw engagement rings highly influenced by the rise of grunge culture. Pieces became sharper and bolder, and also known as the football cut, marquise cut diamonds became fashionable, while yellow-gold bands took a backseat to those made of platinum and white gold.

diamond engagement ring with roses & macaron

Many couples opted for engagement rings with large diamonds or stones over the 2000s, although princess-cut diamonds dominated the engagement ring trends.

By the early 2010s, cushion-cut diamonds were already the most popular choice, featuring square shapes with rounded corners. 

Engagement Rings Nowadays

Currently, large oval diamonds and skinny bands are all the rage.

Often set vertically, oval diamonds let brides play around with the final appearance of their rings.

However, the most popular trend today is having a tailor-made engagement ring for brides to showcase their individual personalities.

The concept of a bespoke engagement ring that speaks to the love the couple share for one another, as well as their individual natures and desires, is gaining traction in the jewellery field. 

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