The Right Gift for Every Milestone Anniversary

emeralds for wedding anniversaryFrom pearls to gold to diamonds and more, anniversary milestones mark important dates in a marriage or partnership.

The jewel or gemstone associated with the anniversary becomes more precious with every passing year.

Want to present your significant other with the right anniversary gift? Read on as we discuss what makes the ideal anniversary present to show your partner how much you care.  

Anniversary Gifts by Year 

Since every milestone is important, there are meaningful gift ideas for every single anniversary, from the first to the sixtieth.

Although the lists might vary per country, the traditional ones have been with us for a good while now. The 10th anniversary, for example, is often celebrated with diamond jewellery, while pearls and coloured gems are generally acquired for the 12th milestone. 

pearl necklace for wedding anniversary

The 14th anniversary is associated with ivory and gold. Silver makes the perfect, traditional gift for the 25th milestone, whereas pearl and diamond jewellery is the most popular present on the 30th anniversary. The 35th year of marriage is often celebrated with coral or jade. 

Ruby is the most popular gemstone for the 40th milestone, while sapphire makes the perfect 45th anniversary present. Partners that have been together for 50 years celebrate their love with gold, and lovers on their 55th anniversary are presented with emeralds. Diamond is king when it comes to the 60th milestone. 

However, one does not have to stick to the popular anniversary gift lists to demonstrate love.

Many people decide to show their feelings through diamonds or gems, regardless of the amount of time they have been married or together for. If you are looking for an expressive, impressive, high-quality customized ring or diamond in Ottawa and surrounding communities, Vero Diamonds is the trusted source. 

History of Wedding Anniversary Gifts

ruby for wedding anniversary

Back in the Holy Roman Empire, husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath on their 25th anniversary. After twenty-five more years of marriage, women were presented with a gold crown.

In Canada, one can actually receive a message from the Governor-General for the 50th milestone, and every 5th anniversary after that. 

Fortunately, for fans of the traditional present list, most of the popular materials have withstood the test of time. However, many people are still unaware of these guidelines and simply go for a romantic, meaningful gift that captures their feelings.

If you feel especially inclined to present that special someone with diamonds or other gemstones earlier than scheduled, go for it. Love is being expressed in all kinds of ways nowadays, breaking down barriers and finding beautiful, creative ways to demonstrate.  

Diamonds: A Brief Overview

diamonds for wedding anniversary

Diamonds are one of the best-known and most sought-after gemstones.

They are traditionally used in diamond engagement rings. This practice dates back to the 15th Century, when the European aristocrats proposed through this precious stone. 

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