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Can You Tell the Difference Between Lab Created Diamonds and Mined Diamonds?

Diamonds have always been used to showcase class and taste. For centuries, these timeless gems have found their way into diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and many other items of fine jewellery. Diamonds have always been in high demand, and their scarce supply has meant that these gems were affordable only for some who desired them. But did you know that modern diamond technology has brought diamonds within reach for more people? No, we’re not talking about fake diamonds. We are talking about lab diamonds created by expert diamond scientists. These human-made diamonds share the same properties as mined diamonds and are identical in appearance. But some people still say that “they are not the same.” To that, our answer is...

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Advantages of Shopping Locally for Jewellery in Ottawa

What are the advantages to shopping local when it comes to buying fine jewellery such as diamond engagement rings in Ottawa? You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “buy local” – perhaps now more than ever, with COVID-19 taking its toll not only on those infected and their families, but the millions of people affected both directly and indirectly by the consequences of lockdowns, shutdowns and physical distancing in these times. While the trend in merchandising may be moving rapidly towards an online / e-commerce business model, there’s still much to be said for doing business with real people in your community. A great example of that is in the Ottawa jewellery business. When you buy an engagement ring or other...

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Saying ‘Yes’ to Your Bridal Jewellery

What do you think about when someone mentions bridal jewellery? Is it an engagement ring or your wedding bands, maybe anniversary gifts? Bridal jewellery encompasses all of those and often becomes one of the most important decisions for the bride and groom. So what tools do couples have to find the perfect bridal jewellery for them? History of bridal jewellery dates to back ancient Egypt where the circle was considered a symbol of eternity and represented the perpetual love of the spouses. They also started the tradition of a ring finger as they believed that the ring finger’s vein was connected directly to the heart. The modern use of rings was then finalized with European customs as part of Christendom. ...

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Behind the Scenes

Vero is proud to announce that they are now carrying the brand innovative magnetic ring builder by Stuller – create and try your perfect ring and stone combo in minutes! Key Features: Mix and match setting and shank designs, stone size and shape, center stone orientation, and metal quality. Samples made of a tarnish-resistant, durable alloy. The display includes a lid, imagery signage, kickstand, and an extra presentation tray. Includes a consumer-facing product guide, selling system map, and settings engraved with their location.    

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